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Individual projects

The Infinite alphabet

Illustration + Design + Typography + Book Binding

The Infinite Alphabet is a handmade book created to celebrate the intangible concept of infinity through the tactile art of illustrated typography with a variety of mixed media materials.

Part of It all,
Apart from it all

Creative Writing + Design + Illustration + Typography

We are all made of the same stuff, We are all one. In us, lives an infinite history, our blood flows with the ashes of dead stars, and the cycles will repeat long after we are gone because nothing is ever truly created or destroyed, only transformed. We are truly a part of it all, apart from it all.

Grow: Music and Arts Festival

Graphic Design + Brand Identity + Typography

Grow is a music and arts festival concept with the intention of spreading knowledge to plant the seeds for a sustainable future through the celebration of community and creativity.

Collaborative Projects

Trifecta Trading Co.

Founder + Owner + Creative Director

Trifecta is a collaboration between three artists who have come together to create quality jewelry and Orgonite resin casting sculptures using ethically sourced crystals and minerals, up-cycled material, pure love and trifecta friendship energy.

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Marian Paquette

Studio Assistant + Graphic Design + Web Design + Product photography


Marian Paquette is a handbag designer located in Laguna Beach, CA. Using only uncommon high-quality fabrics, each handbag is constructed with extreme attention to detail. Bags that are one-of-a-kind are made from reclaimed fabrics that would have been disposed of in landfills. 

Enjoy The Color

Script Writing + Design + Illustration + Voiceover

A collaboration between Ricardo Imperial and Amy Kells for the LG Art of the Pixel competition-- where 9 of the top art schools in North America competed for $10,000 and a trip to New York. Students of Laguna College of Art + Design, in Laguna Beach, California, Ricardo and Amy created this video with a DSLR camera, Adobe Premier, and their own four hands. There were no digital manipulations besides the editing of footage and minimal color correction.

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